Is it My Weight or is it Me? Career Challenges

How much does your weight get in the way of your career? Are you challenged so much by it that you don’t go on interviews for fear they will reject you? Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur but your self esteem is so low you don’t think it will work?

Well, let’s just say that sometimes we large women are judged by our appearance. It’s the same with everyone in the world; we are all subject to be judged for our looks, race, spiritual beliefs and so much more. So why would a plus size woman be left out of that? The thing is; are you going to let that stop you from moving forward? If you do, then THEY win, by keeping you playing small.

One day, many years ago while I was a new Realtor, I was playing the pity pot game with myself like I always did. I was at an awards ceremony celebrating the top Realtors. I didn’t win of course because I was large – or so I thought. Then all of a sudden a parade of the top Realtors crossed the stage. As my jaw dropped in this life changing moment I watched as several unlikely people crossed the stage as top producers. Along with a few very ordinary people and a man in a wheel chair, was the person I needed to see most. There before me was a woman proudly walking the stage to receive her top producer award who must have been 400 pounds. She was all I needed to stop my pity party and move passionately forward in my Real Estate career.

From that moment on I gave up the conversation I was too large. I worked at my business like any other top producer and began building momentum. I am very proud to say that I reached the top 6% of my company IN THE WORLD as a large woman. And all I had to do was give up a conversation I was having with myself.

Remember this; there are millions of large woman who are thriving somewhere in the world. Some at jobs and some in their own business. Why shouldn’t you be one of them?

It’s time…. Time to give up the old story that keeps your life small. Go out and challenge yourself to have the job or business of your dreams. The world is waiting for you!

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Living Large – Stop Being Stopped by Your Weight

Often large women play life very safe. They stay close to home, socialize with the same people and go to work and back and that’s it. Does this sound like you?

Who’s to say that being large can’t mean that you can live large? What keeps you from stepping outside your comfort zone to spice things up a bit?

Recently I felt a strong pull to pick up and move to Asheville, NC after being in South Florida for 37 years and in the same home for 27. I don’t completely understand why I was brought here but I must tell you that not only did it blow my own mind to do this but it blew everyone elses mind.

I know no one here in Asheville. I am a large woman, no partner and going around making new friends and building a new life. Is it scary? Yes. Am I homesick and confused by my decision? Yes. Am I damned proud of myself for not letting my size stop me from living large? You bet I am.

Being large is not a prison sentence unless you make it that. You must know that I am not an advocate for woman to be and stay large. I am an advocate for those of us who are moving towards our ideal body to be doing something stimulating simultaneously.

I actually have this idea that by my doing this daring move to North Carolina and planning more daring things in the future that it may be one of the important pieces in my physical wellness. After all, isn’t it possible that I have been overeating because I was living a less that passionate life?

What are your thoughts about living large? What do you do and what’s next?


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Ugh! Yoga?

[tweetmeme]I remember wanting to go to a yoga class but was embarrassed by my weight. I rarely saw a large person in the classes and I was large. Then I remembered the time I went to the gym every day to walk. No one made fun of me and many people acknowledged me. It felt great.

So off I went to my first Hot Yoga class. Insecure and challenged physically. Oh yes, I thought I would die the first day from the heat, and the postures. Who gets into those positions? I needed a lot of coaxing and even used a strap to help me grab my ankles. I’m sure there was grunting and heavy breathing as well. At first I was uncomfortable getting so much help, but then I saw thin people using straps and getting instruction as well. Apparently not everyone’s body is yoga ready when they come to class.

Well, I did eventually get into the positions. Maybe not perfectly but the difference from the first day was amazing. . I lost only some weight at first, yet my body began to adjust to the movement and respond. OH MY, can I really do this?

I continued in that class for several months and lost 80 pounds. It was more significant that I did this for myself then the weight loss. I stood straighter. I felt proud, and I didn’t feel awkward any longer. I invited several of my friends to join me. They were much thinner than I was. It was obvious by the evil eyes and death threats that this was not for them. I of course felt as though I had just conquered Mt Everest.

Eventually, I saw that what stopped me were my own fears and thoughts about what would occur. I may have been judged by others but I never heard it. And even if I had, who says those people don’t judge everyone else too? It’s very important for me to stop my own limiting thoughts since they are much more prevalent than the comments I fear from others.


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Enough Already

[tweetmeme]So you’ve been trying to lose weight. Maybe you’ve been successful or maybe you haven’t. Either way, what have you done with the rest of your life?

Many of us who long to lose weight will stay so focused on that and ignore our aspirations and visions. We may say “it will have to weight until I am thin”. And for some, years may have passed and so many dreams with them.

What if for a moment in time we stopped waiting for the weight to fall off and begin having a great life in SPITE of it? What if while we were losing weight, looking for the ideal weight loss program or after we’ve lost our weight, we begin to venture out of our comfort zone and explore life and that which we are entitled to do?

Imagine stepping out to go dancing – YES while you are still large. Imagine taking singing lessons, joining a social group or better yet, beginning one yourself! Ahhh, to some this is very scary or even taboo. After all, it’s unacceptable to be your size so you ought to beat yourself up and hide in your home until you are perfect right? WRONG.

Believe it or not there are those of us who are plus size and are STILL going dancing, dating, taking classes and buying beautiful clothes. There are those of us large and lovely women who are launching new businesses and finding our rightful place in the world.

Which do you prefer? I named my mother company Thrive Any Way to inspire others to thrive in spite of their current circumstance. I named this project Thrive Any Weight for the same reason. There isn’t a reason you cannot thrive in life. And I want to help you see that.

For today I invite you to do something new. Say Enough already and step outside your comfort zone. Dress with more color. Put on make up. Say hello to someone you are attracted to. DANCE!!!! What ever it is, begin today to explore your aliveness. Just a little. Ok, maybe a LOT! Whatever you choose, have fun!

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