YOU! Yes, for the love of you. We often put our attention towards loving someone or something else. This is always a warm fuzzy and we don’t want to change anything about being giving, EXCEPT, can you please include yourself in the equation?

Maybe you don’t think you have time for you. Or maybe you don’t think you need time. Or maybe you don’t think you are worthy or don’t know what to do for you. Well, why does the world deserve your love but you don’t?

When you take time every day to notice yourself, tend to your needs and wants you flourish. When you honor your dreams and dance to your own music, you become happy from the inside out. It shows and others will notice. Not only will you feel great but the giving that you do will come from a new depth. People will feel that it’s coming from a very loving place, not a place that’s been forgotten or neglected.

So, for the love of YOU, pay yourself some attention.




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