Say Feta, I mean CHEESE!

ImageI’ve always been the one in my family who has a camera on most occasions. I had one of the first video cameras in the 80’s. It was the size of Levittown Pennsylvania.

I’m not sure if I took the photos so that I didn’t have to be in the photos or not. I am not really shy. I typically do something in front of the camera, unlike most of the people I shot. I can’t tell you how many outreached arms with a palm facing me are in my videos. Many refused to be photographed. They put their palms out to signify it wasn’t ok. I took the photos any way. Because it was fun.

How many of us don’t want to be photographed? Video taped? Is it because you don’t think you look good enough to be on video? Do you think others will judge you or that you will judge yourself?  OMG do I really look like that? Oh that’s disgusting. Tear that up, burn that video. Kill the photographer.

The fact is that everyone sees you that way every day any way. You are the only one who is surprised. You don’t hear others saying ‘oh, look how funny, big or ugly you look’ because they see you ALL the time. So why not enjoy creating some memories and participate in a video or two. Even initiate it. At the very least you won’t feel like a party pooper.

And just for the record. I still have many of those movies from the 80’s. I play them. And yes the palms are still up. But guess what? Every time I show them someone says ‘OMG look how thin I was, or look how great I looked, I wish I still looked that good’.

Remember, the photos you resist taking today could be the ones you admire in 20 years.





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