Is it My Weight or is it Me? Career Challenges

How much does your weight get in the way of your career? Are you challenged so much by it that you don’t go on interviews for fear they will reject you? Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur but your self esteem is so low you don’t think it will work?

Well, let’s just say that sometimes we large women are judged by our appearance. It’s the same with everyone in the world; we are all subject to be judged for our looks, race, spiritual beliefs and so much more. So why would a plus size woman be left out of that? The thing is; are you going to let that stop you from moving forward? If you do, then THEY win, by keeping you playing small.

One day, many years ago while I was a new Realtor, I was playing the pity pot game with myself like I always did. I was at an awards ceremony celebrating the top Realtors. I didn’t win of course because I was large – or so I thought. Then all of a sudden a parade of the top Realtors crossed the stage. As my jaw dropped in this life changing moment I watched as several unlikely people crossed the stage as top producers. Along with a few very ordinary people and a man in a wheel chair, was the person I needed to see most. There before me was a woman proudly walking the stage to receive her top producer award who must have been 400 pounds. She was all I needed to stop my pity party and move passionately forward in my Real Estate career.

From that moment on I gave up the conversation I was too large. I worked at my business like any other top producer and began building momentum. I am very proud to say that I reached the top 6% of my company IN THE WORLD as a large woman. And all I had to do was give up a conversation I was having with myself.

Remember this; there are millions of large woman who are thriving somewhere in the world. Some at jobs and some in their own business. Why shouldn’t you be one of them?

It’s time…. Time to give up the old story that keeps your life small. Go out and challenge yourself to have the job or business of your dreams. The world is waiting for you!

Please pass this on to someone who needs an inspiring word.



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