Living Large – Stop Being Stopped by Your Weight

Often large women play life very safe. They stay close to home, socialize with the same people and go to work and back and that’s it. Does this sound like you?

Who’s to say that being large can’t mean that you can live large? What keeps you from stepping outside your comfort zone to spice things up a bit?

Recently I felt a strong pull to pick up and move to Asheville, NC after being in South Florida for 37 years and in the same home for 27. I don’t completely understand why I was brought here but I must tell you that not only did it blow my own mind to do this but it blew everyone elses mind.

I know no one here in Asheville. I am a large woman, no partner and going around making new friends and building a new life. Is it scary? Yes. Am I homesick and confused by my decision? Yes. Am I damned proud of myself for not letting my size stop me from living large? You bet I am.

Being large is not a prison sentence unless you make it that. You must know that I am not an advocate for woman to be and stay large. I am an advocate for those of us who are moving towards our ideal body to be doing something stimulating simultaneously.

I actually have this idea that by my doing this daring move to North Carolina and planning more daring things in the future that it may be one of the important pieces in my physical wellness. After all, isn’t it possible that I have been overeating because I was living a less that passionate life?

What are your thoughts about living large? What do you do and what’s next?


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